Here is something I made some time ago. I used Eduke32 fog feature to add colored fog to the levels, giving it a look similar to Zero Hour. I did this just for fun, it won’t be added to the mod or anything.

Site up again

So the site has not been accessible for a while, due to a problem with the WordPress and the host PHP version. It should be working from now.

Anyway, besides changing the theme, I have also enabled comments for news posts.

v0.9.3 released


Major updates:
– Rough Classic mode support for portable devices.
– Accurate ambient light.
– SMGs auto-aim is now consistent with Eduke32 logic.
– Main theme in FLAC format (thanks to Hendricks266).

You no longer need to adjust the ambient light level. If you have changed it previously, set it back to 1.00 in the menu (Options -> Video Setup -> Renderer Setup).

Click here to go to the download page (also update your PSX Music Pack).

Walkthrough videos

There are at least two series of walkthrough videos for this mod to check out on YouTube. The first one with commentaries by WhamNinjaMolehill user. The second from TheRumbleRoseNetwork.

Here is the first video of each one: