v0.9.3 Released


Major updates:
- Rough Classic mode support for portable devices.
- Accurate ambient light.
- SMGs auto-aim is now consistent with Eduke32 logic.
- Main theme in FLAC format (thanks to Hendricks266).

You no longer need to adjust the ambient light level. If you have changed it previously, set it back to 1.00 in the menu (Options -> Video Setup -> Renderer Setup).

Click here to go to the download page (also update your PSX Music Pack).

Walkthrough videos

There are at least two series of walkthrough videos for this mod to check out on YouTube. The first one with commentaries by WhamNinjaMolehill user. The second from TheRumbleRoseNetwork.

Here is the first video of each one:

I’ve been working on something else

Thankfully, some guys out there — Daedolon, Hendricks266, Nukey and oasiz — managed to extract the map files from Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown CD-ROM. So for the last couple of days I have been working on putting things together for making this avaiable as an Eduke32 mod in the future.


Rare Duke Nukem 64 Images

Thanks to RinyRed who posted this at Duke4.net forums, who posted some GameFan Magazine scans featuring a preview of Duke Nukem 64.

These images features a lot of old PC graphics, a green Expander, a reddish movie screen in Hollywood Holocaust, and a Cycloid Emperor outside of the Stadium level.

v0.9.1 Released

Version 0.9.1 is out, some changes include:

● Weapons recoil now working properly;
● Fixed some sound issues;
● Improved code for the Grenade Launcher;

Download the full version at the download page, or a patch (2.1mb) if you already have the previous version.

New site launch

I have decided it was time to switch to WordPress because it’s very easy to work with and has plenty of built-in features. The site is also now being hosted on the well-known Duke4.net.

Plus here is an image of what I have recently worked at: